Thursday, 11 April 2019

An Aimsir - The Weather

The girls in Room 19 learnt all about the weather as Gaeilge. D'fhoghlaim na cailíní i Seomra 19 gach rud faoin aimsir.

They looked at the following three pictures and used as many new phrases and words they knew to describe the pictures. D'fhéach siad ar na pictiúir seo agus d'úsáid siad go leor frásaí agus focail nua chun cur síos a dhéanamh ar na pictiúir.

Here is a sample of what they wrote using their best handwriting. Seo sampla de scríbhneoireacht na bpáistí.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


We have been learning all about the Human body in Science and how important it is to look after our bones and our teeth. To understand the importance of looking after our teeth, we carried out some investigations into the effect of different substances on egg shells. We used egg shells because they are made up of similar material to our teeth, but are just a bit thinner. We put egg shells in coca cola, orange juice, vinegar and water and left them for a week. We discovered that after a week, the coca cola, vinegar and orange juice were so acidic that they had begun to wear away the egg shells. However, the water had no effect on the shell at all.

Spring flowers

Spring has arrived so here in room 19, we had a go at making some tissue paper flowers.

Saturday, 18 February 2017


We have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We looked at what life was like in Egypt in the past and why the River Nile was so important. We also looked at what Egyptian jewellery was like in the past. We decided to try and make some Egyptian jewellery ourselves.